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Full Circle May 15, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

There is a saying which can be said to be overused, namely that history repeats itself. And it is happening in Singapore, right here right now.

The recent debate over homosexuality has become fiercer; perhaps because it was triggered by a comment made by Mr Lee Kuan Yew at a Young PAP event in St James Power Station. Then we had Yvonne Lee and people like Istyana who waded into the fray, on the side of the no repeal camp. And of course there are familiar faces like George Lim Heng Chye, who, while not addressing this issue in his letter to the forum, made some references to it by saying,

The reason why our country today is enjoying much peace and abundance is that the people accept and apply good moral standards.

We support laws that govern and underpin righteous behaviour and public decency. We are blessed with a Government that did not waiver and yield to licentious demands of the minority.

If we, as a people, are unable to uphold good moral laws, including the Penal Code, then we will surely lose our next generation to perversion. This is not what we would want to see happening to our country in the near future.

This, as stated by my learned friend Guojun, is complete bollocks. But our dear friend’s crusade did not start there. In fact saltwetfish showed us an article which reminded me of the scene in Kingdom of Heaven where the Templars yelled “God wills it” and then proceeded to hantam an unarmed caravan.

Such self righteous posturing is rather ironic given the early history of Christianity. The early Christians, including the disciples of Jesus were often persecuted either by the Jewish Authorities (the first martyr St Stephen was believed to have been stoned by the sanhedrin) and eventually were persecuted by the Roman authorities. At that time, the Christians were blamed for every thing that happened in the empire. An example is the burning of Rome in 64AD. It is agreed that Nero, the mad emperor, was the one who set fire to the city. Unfortunately the Christians were implicated in this arson, and thus the persecutions began, with varying degrees of intensity until the Christianisation of Rome under Constantine.

But then the story does not end. Eventually the Christians began to persecute each other . The Jews also became the targets of persecution, and it is said that one English Monarch (I believe its King Edward I) went so far as to have the Jews expelled from the Kingdom of England. And of course one must not forget the horror of the Inquisition.

And now, its hate speech against homosexuals. So as can be seen everything comes in full circle and the roles are often reversed depending at certain points in history. Despite knowing the pain of being victimised, these former victims are still willing to inflict such torment on their new targest. This is akin to the situation common in the SAF. After being “tekaned” by trainers, the batch that passes out will then inflict a harsher “tekan” on the new guys. And then the vicious cycle goes on.



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