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Shocking… June 9, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

As I was being swamped with neverendless work, I chose to take a short break by looking through the net for anything of note. Besides the Nets Fee hike, the disappearance of Richard Yong; I was also shocked when directed to this site by the online citizen. Whosoever visits this humble site is strongly encouraged to check out the aforesaid site for if what is said is true, it appears that Mr Saat has been dealt a great wrong.

Just recently there was the talk about some employment guidelines to reduce the incidence of discrimination. Unfortunately it appears that such guidelines are useless without the necessary legislation to back up. A political gesture; which does not seem to serve any practical purpose whatsoever. Regrettable Ned Stark knows little of the recourses that an aggrieved worker can resort to, notwithstanding going to meet your MP, writing to the ST forum, blogging, so I will withhold any further comment at this point in time.



1. Molly - June 9, 2007

Recourses? What recourses??

2. Ned Stark - June 9, 2007

Well, thats what I hope to find out. What recourse does a worker have if he feels that he has been treated unfairly/ discriminated against? Does the Law in Singapore provide a remedy for such a situation and if so, has anyone been successful in aforesaid action?

3. guojun - June 9, 2007

What recourse? This is $ingapore…work is the mo$t important one…don’t talk cock lah…recourse is something only open to the politicians, so we should stop bitching! hahahaha!

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