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Ode to the FO June 10, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

The Exodus continues; as another chooses to retire from the blogosphere. While Ned Stark hopes that this phenomena of bloggers leaving is merely a natural self renewal process whereby other newer bloggers or bloggers who were not prominent then step up to replace those who have left, it is still sad to see another blogger go.

The blogger in question is known as the Fearfully Opinionated. Though he had gone on a hiatus for sometime it was something of a shock when his latest update announced his intention to retire. Coming on the heels of Kitana, Ben, Zyberzitizen and the Palisade and the Sphinx (from the now inaccessible Two Steps From Twilight), it appears that the blogsophere now will be different from the blogosphere then. Despite a slight misunderstanding in the past (in the comments section), I must say FO is one who actually thinks through what he says as can be seen in his posts; thus he is not a mindless follower of either the establishment or antiestablishment side. Though he has some kind of colour scheme to differentiate his posts, I must say that most of his posts are well thought out and though there are times one tends to disagree with what is said, one cannot deny the fact that he knows what he is talking about and has put thought into them. Thus his hiatus and now departure would be a regretable loss to the blogosphere. And with Mr Wang now going into self help (not that its a bad thing per say)the socio political realm of the blogosphere will be different in a way, though whether that be good or ill is hard to tell.

Therefore, Ned Stark wishes FO all the best. On an unrelated note, I wonder whether the time will come when i “tender my resignation”. But till then, I will continue to be a kay poh who thinks too much for his own good :P.



1. guojun - June 10, 2007

we should start setting up obituaries.

2. Ned Stark - June 11, 2007

Why don’t you do one? I am a Blogospherean Part I…etc

3. Fearfully Opinionated - June 12, 2007

FO is small fry lah. doesn’t need eulogy. Thanks for kind words though.

4. Ned Stark - June 12, 2007

Even a small fry can change the world 😛

5. Would-be Doer. - June 26, 2007

Thinkers can’t, and never can, change the world. Only doers can!

6. Ned Stark - June 27, 2007

Thinker’s can’t change the world? You mean Aristotle, Socrates, Descartes etc?

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