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An Amusing Comment June 22, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

I believe that some of the bravest & most outstanding warriors in history had long flowing hair, like the Red Indians (Cherokee, Cheyenne, Navaho etc), Vikings & Huns. Their shoulder length hair never impeded their accuracy with the bow & arrow or spear.

I doubt if our accuracy with semi-automatic assault rifles will be compromised with slightly longer or tinted hair.

My message to RSMs is “Not everyone wants to have close cropped conformist haircuts like yours. We are a citizen army, who report back for about 2 weeks a year. To each his own. You keep your hair shaven close to your head & we have ours tinted, styled & combed to make us look well-groomed & attractive in the civilian world!”

If i remember correctly, the Ancient Greek Hoplites and Macedonians had long hair, the Persian Immortals to had long hair. And let us not forget our favourite Greek Warriors, the Spartans of 300 fame. (In fact before  the Battle of Thermopylae the Persians were surprised to find the Spartan warriors grooming their hair)



1. Molly - June 22, 2007

Go until so far for what? Chinese had long hair until the 20th century. Asian values, no?

2. Ned Stark - June 22, 2007

Haha! Indeed. Nevertheless i like the commentors point! And of course your post was a tour de force…

3. guojun - June 24, 2007

Never Trust Regulars! The only one i will trust is my ex-boss. Heh. Because he’s so beng, he probably doesn’t care anyway.

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