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The Issue of Orientation June 27, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

The title of course refers to the debate on homosexuality, ranging from the repeal of Section 377A, whether homosexuality is scientific, whether its immoral, whether homosexuals are being systematically discriminated in the civil service, etc. Much has been said about this issue and it has gotten very very acrimonious at times; with  an NUS Law Prof, a Minister of State and even the Minister Mentor himself joining the fray.

One of the views that is being floated by them homophobes is that decriminalisation will result in a situation whereby homosexuals begin influencing “young impressionable youths” to embrace a “homosexual lifestyle”. Such a view is premature given the fact that there is some scientific evidence to supporting the premise that it is in the genes. And even if it is not, unless you get buggered, why should you be so bothered?

Furthermore the above premise is predicated on the assumption that homosexuals will aggresively promote “homosexual behaviour”, much like them Christian Fundies who go around saying he who doth not believe in Christ will go to hell notwithstanding if he is a good man. Some jokers have even gone so far to comment that homosexuals are aggressively promoting their “lifestyle” on the net! Well I will now direct your attention to two websites, Mr Alex Au’s and SaltWet Fish. And now may I direct you to our very own Inquisitor. Who is the one “aggressively” promoting his “lifestyle” now?

 Homosexuals are as human as heterosexuals, albeit with a difference in orientation, AMONG OTHER THINGS (Are not all humans different?) They are not utilising the Net to launch a Crusade to kill all heterosexuals or establish a homosexual society; all they are crying out for is to be treated as human beings, as real people with families, dreams and aspirations. They care nothing if bigots continue to run around like headless chickens spewing vitriol in the name of the Prince of Peace or any other divinity; the straw that breaks the camel’s back is when people in power start to, advertently or inadvertently, take the side of the bigots by refusing the repeal of law which puts homosexuals on the same standing as rapists.



1. guojun - June 28, 2007

But are they not already being bigoted? Look, in a society where face is so important, bigotry is the name of the day. We have to conform, fit in with the mould, not be special to survive.


dude, I am Singaporean is on a hiatus…have some personal problems to sort out. All will know when i’m back.

2. Ned Stark - June 28, 2007

Fear not my learned friend, Know that House Stark stands with you, and Winterfell is at your disposal…

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