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Army Daze: Ramblings on Regulars June 28, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

In some time in the past Ned had to sacrifice the prime years of his life for King and Country. In fact, Ned is still compelled to sacrifice his career time for King and Country. And nothing galls him more to see instances of retardness in the army.

I refer of course to Gerald’s post and the recent ST forum letter ( to which Col Benedict Lim has yet to reply to)which highlighted the crankiness of certain regulars. Such incidents really make an oxymoron out of the term military intelligence.

Unfortunately besides writing letters to the forum and blogging about such ludicrous acts, there is precious little recourse for even NS men. And that is a pity given the fact that a majority of the NS Men (those fellas who did not keng their way through army by declaring all sorts of problems) have given the prime of their youth in service to King and Country; and it is possible that they had been under the command of the same bunch of retards who now go on to make life difficult for the NS men.

Having said that, I must state that I am not against regulars per se; in fact I hold in high regard several regulars, both noncoms and commissioned officers. Rather than go around making mountain’s out of mole hills and engaging in fault finding missions just to get their coveted premium plans (premium plans allow a regular to extend his time in service and go on to higher ranks, more for noncoms), these regulars are willing to befriend young clueless NSFs and some do not mind being acknowledged on a first name basis. They will stand side by side with the NSFs That is not to say that these people encourage sloth; in fact far from it.  Unfortunately it appears that there are more black sheep than white sheep in the flock, and based on anecdotal evidence nowadays i appears that the “nice” regulars are losing out to those faultfinders in terms of career advancement. In fact regular contact with my regular friends (who obviously fall in the “good regular” category) has allowed me to discover the following facts;

1. Most have already left the army and have taken up jobs in the “civilian world”

2. Those who are still in the army have either just signed up or do not intend to stay in the army any longer due to the various degrees of “intelligence” (or lack thereof) among other things.

3. Of course there are those who have stayed there for long and have earned the respect of the men; ie even if one is punished by the person one will not be bitter and will willingly accept it. However such regulars are rare.

So if that is a common trend in the SAF, guess what NSFs will be left with? Definitely a bunch of regulars who exhibit the characteristies of fault finders! And girls wonder why guys like to complain about NS so much. There are times when one should heed Atticus’ lesson to Scout,

You will never understand another person until you see things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

Now the next part will be even more provocative, given the fact that many low ranking NS men have wonderful careers outside (though not so wonderful such that their ICT can be deferred), it is entirely possible that those regulars who are particularly nasty are suffering from envy pangs, thus when given a mandate from the powers that be, they will naturally make use of all sorts of rules and regulations to oppress and, to put it bluntly, bully these NS men. And to indulge in a little slippery slope reasoning, it could be possible that these jokers are still in the military because THEY DO NOT HAVE ANYWHERE ELSE TO GO! Essentially what I opine is that these fellows are unable to survive in the real world competition, thus they will continue to stay in an environment whereby they are protected by their rank! And so in a manner of speaking this small men are merely taking every opportunity to bully and belittle NS men who may be more successful than these jokers ever will be! And that is why you have some jokers shouting their heads of in public areas during Army Half Marathons and National Day Parade Rehearsals as a form of self validation, for the sake of their petty pride and self esteem. That is why you have some Warrant Officers forcing NS men to shave their heads. That is why you have Warrant Officers shouting at NS men just because of some minor thing. It all boils down to the ego, or as the army likes to call it, PRIDE.

And at times, incompetence makes such people even worse than normal… 



1. Gerald - June 29, 2007

Hi Ned,

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You wrote, “Unfortunately besides writing letters to the forum and blogging about such ludicrous acts, there is precious little recourse for even NS men.”

I just found out today (on my last day of my reservist call up) that my Commander (an LTC) went out for supper last night with one “lowly” corporal (who is an IT professional in civilian life) who gave him a load of feedback on how the reservist call up could be better managed. He has always encouraged us to give him feedback so that we can continually improve the system.

I guess if you have good commanders like mine, you have one more channel to give feedback.

2. Ned Stark - June 29, 2007

Gerald your too kind, i should thank you for coming to my humble blog.
Anyway there are good commanders who do encourage us to voice our opinions, my first OC and second OC were both such people, though OC 2 was more particular with regards to regimentation. However the system is such a way that even if they have the xin, there is nothing much they can do. As an NSF and reservists you have a sword of damocles hanging over ur head in the form of them charges and detentions. Regulars however do not have such swords over their heads; but i shall refrain from comment as this is a rather sensitive issue.
Anyway even if we have channels of feedback, is it effective? That is another issue.

3. takchek - June 30, 2007

Quit Singapore. Pack up and leave. Then no more of the NS shit.

I have not worn the No.4 since my ORD. I don’t intend to ever wear that again.

4. Ned Stark - June 30, 2007

Well Tak Chek, thats one of them options floating around.

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