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Ned’s Reflections July 2, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

In the course of sociopolitical blogging, it is probable there will come a time when the blogger will ask himself “why”. Why blog in the face of government and MSM scorn? Why blog in the face of all those pesky trolls who either scold you for being ingrates or scold you for being NATO? Why blog at all if at the end of the day it seems that nothing has changed?

Unfortunately such questions do have different answers given the different characters around the blogosphere. The Kway Teow Man  probably blogs because he feels that there are too many anti establishment fellas around (Ie Black Ninjas) and thus someone needs to bring “balance” to the blogosphere. Mr Wang probably did it due to his innate sense of justice. Aaron does it because he wants to frame issues in a simpler manner.

And as for myself? Why do I blog? Why am I so concerned, or kay poh regarding sociopolitical issues? Why don’t I just get on with my life and leave it to the government? Why don’t I just be a typical Singaporean? Just spend my life chasing the 5Cs and then work till I drop?

Belief. It all boils down to personal belief. I have always believed in standing up for a cause, be it fairness to homosexuals and recognition for people who do not fit the PAP’s definition of an ideal talent. All this started when Ned watched I Not Stupid. Watching elitism on screen really hit home. I most regretfully admit that my views before that show could be said to be a very very watered down version of our infamous Wee Shu Min. That is to say that I was of the view that grades were predicated on and only on hardwork and one who did not do well deserved it. Unfortunately bitter experience and I Not Stupid made me realise the error of my ways, and thus my foray into the deadly socio-political realm started off as a champion of those who were marginalised by an education system that having helped Singapore’s economy grow, was also brutal. Of course now we know that not only is the education system brutal, it is also has a variety of other problems such as overemphasis on rote learning and the allocation of funds, whether Singapore is spending too much on foreigners. From thereon I “branched” out into other areas such as the quest to become a multi hub, foreign talent, and whether Singapore has any lessons to be gained from the past.

Of course, such self discovery had its downs; there have been several occasions where I have been attacked as anti establishment and been decried as an ungrateful whiner who just wants to see “action” in Singapore (by a Direct Seller! No Less!). I have also no doubt that there will be those who will take issue to the fact that I am not affiliated to any political party and have no intention to stand for election. There will also be the usual arguments that I have nothing concrete and hence should shut up.

To set the record straight I do acknowledge the fact that PAP, IN PARTICULAR the first and second generation leaders have done a wonderful job in making this one of the advanced cities in Asia and that Singapore is one of the safest places to be. I Acknowledge that. However what has worked before may not work in the future, given the emergence of China and India. Clearly Singapore can no longer rely on a compliant workforce and managers to move forward as costs is one area where they have the advantage. And so we need real dynamism less we become stagnant much akin to the Byzantine Empire and the Chinese dynasties.

The National Scripture too is skewed. Even the men who stood beside Lee Kuan Yew during the early days have been forgotten; and what of those who in their own way fought for Singapore? And what of the contributions of those who were not under the lightning bolt? Ie David Marshall?

What of the old auntie and uncles being forced to clear refuse? What of the Singaporean male who loses his job because he is fundamentally at a disadvantage when competing against foreigners due to his National Service Commitments? What of those who choose to end their lives on the MRT track? Those who sleep in the Esplanade?

Those are merely the tip of the colossal ice berg of problems that lurk beneath the surface of this “land of plenty”. What makes matters worse is that the ST or any other MSM is unlikely to probe issues, or even if they do “probe” a closer look will merely reveal that what they say is what the government will or has said before. It is rather apposite that the ST is also known as States Times. And add to the fact that society has been engineered in such a way that one of the “patron gods” of Singapore is money. And of course I find it worrying that those who have the potential or are leaders of society have this view that people should just bugger off and that we only have ourselves to blame.

And that is that. I blog in the hope that I can get people off the worship of Mammon and just for one tiny moment, sit down and reflect on sociopolitical issues; to create awareness among whoever deigns to grace my humble blog. To challenge and fight that monstrous hydra called Apathy(Contrary to popular belief, there is a correlation between your rice bowl and politics, thus being apathetic merely sets one up for a mighty screw). It is undeniably true that all this could be in vain and you could even be villified by the very people you are standing up for.

But to sit back and see no evil, hear no evil is anathema to me, and I have always been for the underdog. At the end of the day it is MY COUNTRY (till such time Singapore breaks my heart and I choose to go overseas:() and to throw the social responsibility to others is downright irresponsible. I end off now with words of Wisdom from the redoubtable Dr Huang,

This is our only Home. We want to engage society actively and constructively. Only by asking the right questions can we arrive at the correct answers. There is no need for fear as we are only doing what we must. To be apathetic is to be selfish and derelict in our duty to our children and our children’s children!



1. Kway Teow Man - July 16, 2007

The Kway Teow Man probably blogs because he feels that there are too many anti establishment fellas around (Ie Black Ninjas) and thus someone needs to bring “balance” to the blogosphere

Since when? The KTM blogged because he just felt like it — and he’s stopped blogging also because he feels like it. 😛

Why should the KTM attempt to bring balance? Since when was bringing about balance the KTM’s job? Bring balance got prize meh? 🙂

Since when have you become a mind reader also? Dun anyhow humtum lah. 😛

2. Ned Stark - July 17, 2007

The use of the word probably highlights a possibility; in no way does it conclude that the idea is true.

But anyway thanks for the clarification.:P And no Ned is no psychic:P

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