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What the **** Happened? July 11, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

I normally don’t start my posts with a title which contains a vulgarity. However the recent news report of a mother who died during pregnancy has made me commit that particular sin.

The report is confusing to say the least. The family was told by staff that the blood supply was running low and that a request for more blood would have to be approved by higher authorities (sounds like the typical civil service/army kind of gooble dook). They were also required to donate blood themselves. But then of course the hospital fellas claim that such an incident does not mean that the supply of blood is low. So what exactly is going on? And more importantly, how will the hospital react? Will they write a whole list of weird directives which in essence say nothing at all? Will they emulate Min Law by expressing “regret“? Or will the heads of some poor nurse roll?

 Well given the way things usually turn out, we could hear words like regret, honest mistake; we could also hear reports of how staff (who are mostly in no position of authority) have been fired and perhaps charged for negligence. While there will be those who argue that it may not be that way and Ned is nothing but a pitiful populist ranter, I may highlight the recent case of our very well known friend TT Durai. In fact I would borrow Stressed Teacher’s passage;

When was the last time you saw a local big-wig take responsibility for his mistake? Even for TT Durai, he lost only because he was stupid enough to take on a media giant, and not because he got greedy. Study his downfall carefully again. When Durai stuck to suing small-timers for defaming him for his extravagant lifestyle, he won; more than once. I bet Durai is not sorry, only regretful.” Stressed Teacher

I guess the thing speaks for itself, doesn’t it?



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