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A Positive Development July 25, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

The New Media has often been derided and underrated in Singapore society; this is known as a fact as seen in many of my older articles. The MSM rarely seems to have any thing good to say about the New Media, until today.

This was published in today’s Today regarding a mistake made by the Straits Times which had been highlighted by Mr Alex Au in his blog. While of course there are certain issues, like why is the article only published in Today and not Straits Times (since they were the ones who made the mistake), why did ST accept ERA’s figures without further verification and whether they did indeed perform independent verification rather than just relying on government stats, given the fact that government has been known to make mistakes, a fact which surfaced not too long ago, Ned sees the article as a positive development for the New Media and the relationship between the New Media and Mainstream Media as a whole for several reasons.

Firstly, this dispels the notion that the New Media is a hive of misinformation and anti establishment content. As can be seen, Mr Au’s “self journalism” has highlighted a mistake which has ramifications regarding the crazy property market. And in this instance, it has been shown that the MSM is the one who made a mistake and not the New Media.

Secondly, this proves that a lack of resources may not necessarily hamper bloggers, in fact the absence of any support apparatus could give a level of flexibility to the blogger. ST reporters may not have the flexibility to do as Alex did in this instance, namely to just get the camera and head for the scene. The reporters could be constrained by higher authority.

Thirdly, let us take a look at Alex’s comments at the end of the article:

The latest episode goes to show how the mainstream media and the blogosphere could complement each other in revealing “the truth”, he added. “Working together in a more active media scene benefits everybody.”

Essentially this words do in part, dispel the notion that the blogosphere is full of radicals out to flame anything to do with the establishment and the newspapers. In fact Alex suggestion that the “two Medias” can work together could herald the start of a relationship whereby both sides work together to the benefit of society as a whole, rather than launching pot shots at each other. This is because both Media’s actually complement each other. And this is happening even now. Take for example the “commentor” kind of blogger. Don’t they get the “raw material” from the Mainstream Media? And on the other hand, the MSM has been known to quote information from the New Media (It is possible that Aaron was quoted in the past). And while the situation whereby both the New Media and MSM launch potshots at each other is akin to the adversarial legal system (both parties fight it out so that the “truth” will emerge), it is better for both sides if things were less acrimonious. Thus Today’s article could be said to be a positive step in, hopefully, better relations between the two Medias and a sign of future cooperation. 



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