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Another Exercise in Irony July 26, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

It is a common trend that a letter in the ST forum remotely or otherwise critical of Singapore would attract several rebuttals, kind of like how Sylvia Lim got rebutted by all those PAP MPs during the debate on the Constitutional Amendments allowing the Prime Minister to appoint two more people into the Legal Service Commission. And thus in response to  a previous letter which said that Singapore is not First world, this writer has decided to say her piece and has even gone on to say that Singapore is on the right track (though what is the right track and what is not is purely debatable).

Perhaps indeed she feels that Singaporeans are becoming gracious and Singaporean staff are becoming more courteous. Perhaps those nasty drivers Ned wrote of previously are in the minority or at worst are a figment of Ned’s hyperactive imagination. Perhaps.

But then if you look at the Straits Times Online Forum this is what you will see:

Decriminalising Homosexuality: At Stake is Public Morality, not Pragmatism

Tolerance Does Not Mean We Tolerate what is wrong!

Govt should consider blah blah….

And these letters are merely the tip of the iceberg for there have been and there certainly will be more of this sort of homophobic rantings and demeaning of fellow human beings who just have an orientation towards people of the same sex. I do not know about Ms Williams (author of the letter not to shortchange ourselves) but such self righteous condemnation of fellow human beings without any acknowledgement of the many shortcomings in logic in their point of view bespeak of an irrational prejudice and a total disregard for the feelings of others. How would you feel if someone comes up to you and insinuates that you are criminal just by virtue of your sexual orientation? Perhaps, it is prudent to once again look at Ian Mckellen’s views on the matter (Ian Mckellen, catch no ball? Try Magneto or Gandalf).

Intolerance of homosexuals is merely one of the many intolerances or prejudices that plague Singapore Society. Therefore Ned humbly submits that it is too premature to actually accuse critics of shortchanging Singapore. As said earlier not all critics are blind to the good points of Singapore, it is just that there is no purpose in resting on our laurels and allowing underlying issues to be buried in the avalanche of good news. And the fact that in the same webpage you can find letters from Singaporeans betraying a distinct irrational prejudice does tend to cast doubt on Ms William’s letter and truly it can be said to be an exercise in irony.



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