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Of a Rejection, a Tolerant Society August 1, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

So its official. After dragging their feet the MDA has finally deigned to inform Mr Alex Au that he will not get a license to exhibit his photographs because to exhibit them would be to “promote a homosexual lifestyle”. Basically Ned is unimpressed with such ridiculous reasoning, its as bad as Nicholas Lazarus’, everyone’s favourite YPAP person.

Besides being an expression of homophobia, this incident does not bode well for Singapore’s so called Arts hub aspirations. As said elsewhere and as said by Alex in the last few paragraphs of his post, these people just do not get it. To be a centre for arts would require a tolerance for all forms of art (as long as is permissable by law, vandalism is a no but of course you can designate a place for wall graffiti). Only by accepting and allowing different forms of expression would creativity be allowed to flourish and that in turn would allow Singapore to advance, not only on the arts frontier, but on other frontiers such as science, the economy (think entreprenuership) among other things. The current trend of top down direction (Crazy Horse for one) has proven to be a failure. Such top down control and self censorship can result in a populace who cannot think for themselves. Just take a look at this post and the comments to see what I mean.

And now I will present to you all a post by NMP Siew Kum Hong, who is currently in California. From his post it appears that California is a diverse, tolerant society with a level of dynamism which is anything but artificial. Based on anecdotal evidence it seems that there are Singaporeans who have migrated and have no desire to ever come back. Indeed Ned wonders if he would be one of them in the near or distant future. Nevertheless, in light of the government’s gripes about ungrateful Singaporean “quitters” and what have you, the example of California and this example of Canada (by ex-blogger Kitana) should give them foor for thought. But of course if the government sees California and Canada as mediocre countries and dismisses them as examples, then I guess they too should not complain too much if some Singaporeans, sick of the rat race and the exhortations to breed for your nation, decide to leave.



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