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Call for Help August 4, 2007

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

Friends, readers, onlookers…basically everyone who comes here. Just recently Ned found a rather disturbing website. In fact it is so disturbing that if you are the kind who has a tender heart, you are strongly encouraged not to watch the video. The link is here.

The fact is that there are people suffering, people who are just an hours flight from us all who are being persecuted brutally. Let us all do what little we can to help these forgotten people. And Ned sure hopes that the ASEAN Human Rights Commission will be more than just a toothless tiger.



1. Burmese - August 5, 2007

PAP government is one of the strongest supporters of the murderous generals of Myanmar,tryinbg to buy sand from them too.

2. galoisien - August 16, 2007

I bet you haven’t seen the foreign workers’ squatter camps beside the railroad track that runs behind the MOE headquarters.

Nicely concealed from the rest of Singapore.

3. Ned Stark - August 17, 2007

Oh, I have seen other squatter camps and this place which is a makeshift brothel for foreign workers. I also noticed older people moving about in the early hours of the morning (1 am onwards) collecting older cans. Indeed it is a sight which Singapore has managed to keep hidden.

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