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Singapore Renaissance? Not in my life time? January 11, 2008

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I have not been blogging for some time, since I was and currently still am actively attempting to secure myself in view of the many increases that have assailed Singapore since the last General Election. (On an aside it is rather interesting that prices tend to increase after every election. Or so it seems.)

Nevertheless, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, or more specifically Mr Lee’s comments which can be found here  have made me decide to step backwards from the Singapore Race and say my two cents worth.

Personally I have never really thought much of the government’s proclamations on Singapore becoming a vibrant society and thus view the call for a renaissance in 10- 15 yrs the same way as I viewed Goal 2010. At the rate Singapore society has “progressed” I would be unoriginal and borrow MM Lee’s phrase “not in my life time” if people were to ask me whether Singapore would indeed have a renaissance on the scale of Italy. One need only look at the many examples of how Singapore restricts any form of expression to conclude, not unreasonably so, that despite the so called push for an Arts Hub, we are pulling away from the goal. Indeed there are a mulititude of justifications for such a situation; ranging from the doomsday scenario (that Singapore will become morally bankrupt or my mom will become a maid) to the oft cited but undefinable Asian Values of a Traditional Conservative Society. As long as people cannot (notwithstanding the relatively good education system: I’m not being satirical, the education system does have its good points) differentiate between art and pornography then Singapore Renaissance would become Goal 2010. Indeed Singapore refuses to make a baby step by repealing the infamous 377A, instead choosing to accept such arguments (and what worries me is that there was applause at the end of said speech). Thus this idea of a Renaissance will continue to remain a figment of the leader’s imagination unless the government choose to throw aside to concept of artificial dynamism and allow some “chaos” in society. As long as things remain the way they are, Singapore Renaissance will probably go the way of Goal 2010.