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The MSK/WKS Saga April 26, 2008

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

I must say Mas Selamat’s escape from Whitley Detention was something of a shock for me; after all, it was this very same detention centre which which housed the so-called “Marxist Conspiracy” and the othere “undesirables” of Singapore society (though it appears that there are still many undesirables writing crap into the ST Forum, but this is merely an aside). This shock was further compounded by the fact that this very same Detention centre was run by the dreaded ISD and even guarded by gurkhas! (those who have served in the military may have encountered the gurkhas; suffice to say they put the SAF’s elite formations to shame). The COI findings to have surprised me; I must say I have never seen a cubicle with two urinals.

Nevertheless I was indeed hoping for something, some act of contrition or humility from the powers that be. Imagine my dismay when not only does that said act not materialise; to compound matters further, it appears that the mainstream media is revving up a spin offensive, heaping scorn against the online community, and turning their attention to Mr Low Thia Kiang’s silence, when in actual fact, Mr Low’s silence is merely tangential to the issue at hand: namely the government’s accountability towards the populace. And I must say I would expect either a further playing up of Mr Low’s silence, exhortations to move on which brings to mind the Gomez saga in GE 2006 (although admittedly it was the WP which was under attack; leading the charge was none other than Mr Wong Kan Seng himself). Of course it is also conceivable that the Father of Singapore would soon come and deliver a “stinging rebuke” decrying Singaporean’s “complacency”. Basically anything can happen, save for what should happen; namely a proper acknowledgement of fault and a change in the high-handed manner which the PAP is renowned for. Chua Lee Hong’s “reading the internet postings make [her] blood boil”* comment only shows the establishment’s commitment to turn the spot light away from this thorny issue (although perhaps she could be referring to the ST online Forum; then i would agree,some of their posts really make my blood boil:P).

Now don’t get me wrong. I personally am not advocating for Mr Wong’s resignation; though if he had ATTEMPTED to do so it would have raised my esteem of him by a wide margin. What i was hoping to see from this COI exercise was humble contrition for a mistake made. It is one of the tenets of leadership that the leader assumes responsibility for the follies of his subordinate, notwithstanding that he may or may not have had a direct link to the deplorable event. In spite of the editorials extolling the virtues of the ISA, in spite of the allusions that my complacency somehow led to MSK’s escape (though i never knew who he was before this incident), i was hoping that somehow, the PAP would do things differently. But of course at the end of the day, that was, at best, naive.

* I must say reading anything from the factories of the MSM doth make my blood boil. Especially this piece… I am rather disappointed at the outcome to say the least. Such incidents do make me wonder what would have happened if the person who slapped the victim was someone else?

** the events up North may have had something to do with the myriad attempts to attack the Internet’s credibility; perhaps it had something to do with the talk of regulations (implicit sabber rattling). However I personally think fear on the part of the establishment is misconceived. Regretably my countryman have proven themselves to have a short memory and so there would be no “wake-up call” so to speak.