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Here We Go Again…Again August 1, 2008

Posted by Ned Stark in Uncategorized.

I remember those days in Active Service, when I and a bunch of other guys, in what would normally be the most exciting period of our lives (if we had not been born here that is), were forced to learn a variety of songs designed to bolster morale and what have you. My personal favourite was the song which started with “here we go again” and ended with some lines regarding the time left to book out. Little did I know at that time that the phrase “here we go again” would be symptomatic of the goings on in Singapore society.

It was not too long ago that there were hikes in transport fares. TOC has done a good job of documenting the increases here. So imagine my disgust when I read this. To cut the long story short, SBS transit and SMRT Corp are once again planning to increase fares. And from past experience it appears that this is fait accompli; the fares will go up.  In fact my seemingly premature conclusion is bolstered by the wording used report; that “insiders are not holding their breath for any measurable increase this year. ” Therefore notwithstanding the lack of a so called measurable increase, the price is still going up…again.

Of course these companies have come up with the usual excuses; chief among which is that fuel and energy costs have “significantly increased” over the years. Nevertheless one must recall that just recently there were several drops in pump prices. Unless SMRT and SBS are under a different fuel regime from drivers and taxi drivers, then I fail to see why this significant increase necessitates a price increase.

Furtheremore even if there is a significant increase, I hardly see why there is an urgent need for SBS and SMRT to raise fares. According to the abovementioned article, SMRT posted a net profit of $150million. Thus I fail to see the need for an increase. In fact the cynical me would say that these companies are merely using inflation as an excuse to drive up their not inconsiderable profits. It is true that these companies are eager to maximise profit; that is where associations like the PTC come in to control and regulate these people. Unfortunately (though I could be mistaken) it appears that the PTC has often taken the side of the big boys and thus at the end of the day, the only losers are the people who rely on public transport.



1. The Singapore Daily » Blog Archive » Daily SG: 4 Aug 2008 - August 4, 2008

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2. The SS - August 4, 2008

Nothing will really change until PUBLIC Transport becomes PUBLIC again.

There is no moral / civic responsibility in a private corporation to provide a mode of transporation to the general populace.

We can whine all we want till then….

3. Ned Stark - August 4, 2008

It would be better if the PTC and other regulatory bodies stepped in…unfortunately in Singapore that is rarely the case.

4. The Singapore Daily » Blog Archive » Weekly Roundup: Week 32 - August 9, 2008

[…] ERPains, Trains & Automobiles – Extreme Prejudice: Transportation and ERP.. – Anonymous_X: Shame on you, SBS Transit & SMRT!! – Winter is Coming: Here We Go Again…Again […]

5. guojun - August 10, 2008

Here we go again…GREGGAN SING LOUDER! MAGGOT! haha

6. guojun - August 10, 2008

Actually seriously. Free market mah. Singapore wants a free market…so we can’t really expect the regulatory bodies to step in…it will endanger the free market! Well, doesn’t that sum up the recent excuses we’ve had? =P

7. Miao - August 22, 2008

Not only are they increasing the transport fares, the services provided are grossly inefficient as well. I’ve tried waiting 45 minutes for a bus before. The trains are usually so crowded during peak hours that all passengers are packed like a can of human sardine. And buying your own car is simply not practical in Singapore. You have to deal with disgusting traffic jams and those annoying ubiquitous ERP gantries. We are not getting the service we so duly deserve despite paying so much. I have warm feelings for this land, but I really just hate the government.

8. guojun - August 24, 2008

I don’t hate the government, i just hate their resilience to change. Look at what the free market has brought us…oh, and also their we’re-so-smart attitude. Scholar so what?

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